Level up your sense of Art & Humor
A Cosmic Horror Comedy


Your buddy (cat/dog) goes adventure! Save animals, solve social problems, and heal the world by making nameless souls blooming. Experience supernatural phenomena that human can't see such as Spirits, Cosmic mystery along with beautiful visuals.

Introduction & Story

The experience of "Paw Paw Destiny" is like a
deep taste of aged Wine / good Cocktail / craft Beer.
Every play is about 5-10 minute movie-worth of scenarios,
and the style is as simple as listening to a good piece of music, which is part of its charm.
The game design goes opposite way of the current trend.

Each complete episode, consisting of 18 chapters, surreally depicts human ego and beauty theme by theme, and the dark problems of the real world which are difficult to solve, can be solved by using ironic skill items with black humor. The story gradually gets darker and darker, and eventually reaches an astonishing conspiracy in which the cosmic mystery beyond human knowledge, manipulating the blood, memory, time and history of mankind.

No time consuming, No childish violence,
Not shallow story, Not addictive fantasy

Opposite, Artistical tasty Game

unique system

Character Edit


Characters can be customized in detail from over 100 different cats and dogs types (also can be played as friend character!), and the game unfolds as a more personal and original story.
All you can cosplay & dress up!

Enemy Gallery


No childish lame battles of group lynching of imaginary monsters. The enemies in this game are the ego, ignorance, and weakness of the human souls that stirs within us. Those darknesses are cloaked in cruelty and become violent, attacking to the player.


You can travel to realistic countries around the world, choose between two ways to play depending on your mood, and easily play in profound randomly generated Rogue-Light game system. (1-6 minutes per play)


- Tourism -

video   video   video

Vacation to the world great natures!
Social deduction (find heartful poeple)
Enjoy local food & music, while reminiscing about the history of each country

- Exorcism -

video   video  

Beat'em up / Hack and Slash
Item collection, Strength up (RPG)
Eradicate the evildoers infesting the community and save society ( Lv.1 - Lv.5 )


title:  Paw Paw Destiny
genre:  2D Action Adventure

Steam (💻PC)
Android 📱 (📽 Controller support )
Epic Games 💻
Switch (2024)

English, German, French, Spanish, Italy, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese(ZH), Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian
Official release:  Oct/24/2024 (UTC8:00/PST00:00/JST17:00)
Price:  14.99 US$ / Free Demo

By your playing, profits from this game will be donated to trusted animal shelters globally. If you agree, let's join us! also, please share.

Japan Cat Network   sean Casey animal rescue
( and many more | 5% - 40%, depends on reaching milestones )
* presskit on Google drive *